Forestry Works

At A Thomas & Sons we specialise in forest road construction and upgrades.

We recently upgraded 19km of forestry road for Tilhill forestry and were involved from initial planning of the job through to completion ready for timber haulage.

Road Maintenance
• Removal of vegetation from existing road surface
• Re-grading of existing road surface to shed water and create a quality running surface
• Cleaning out all catch pits and road side drains
• Pothole and rut filling
• Tree and scrub removal

New Forest Road Creation
• Creation of new forest roads to facilitate timber haulage complying with CDM regulations
• Road formation
• Road surfacing
• Floating roads across wet and boggy areas
• Quarries dug on site
• New culverts installed

Road Upgrades
•  Re-surfacing of existing roads
•  Upgrading tracks to roads
•  Road Strengthening using geotextiles

•  Culvert supply and installation
•  Plastic twin wall pipes in all sizes
•  Concrete box culverts and pipes in all sizes
•  Steel armco in all sizes
•  Bridge installation

Land Clearance
•  Tree removal by hand cutting and mechanical shears
•  Scrub removal by Excavator mounted mulcher or tractor mounted flail

Ground Preparation
•  Mounding
•  Drainage
•  Forestry ploughing

Forestry Gallery

See more images of all our types of work on our main gallery page.


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